W3Objects: A Distributed Object-Oriented Web Server

Sixth International World-Wide Web Conference
April 7-11 1997

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Table of Contents

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W3Objects Overview

W3Objects Site Architecture

Web Access to W3Objects

Site Management Features

Comparison with Alternative Techniques

W3Objects Referencing Model

Object Migration & Short-cutting

Obtaining References

Name-servers maintaining bindings between names and objects

Name-servers & Call-back providing alternative paths to objects

Referencing Model Summary

Manageable W3Object Services


Service Management Features

Manageable Object Internals

Scripted Views

Example: Supporting Metadata

Alternative Approaches

Data Modelling: Object Wrapping


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Author: David Ingham

Email: David.Ingham@ncl.ac.uk

Home Page: http://arjuna.ncl.ac.uk/group/David.Ingham/index.html